The Lotus League Event Calendar 2024



Please read the Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 202 page first to familiarise yourself with specific information and instructions.

When you're happy with how it runs, please enter any of the 5 open races listed on the British Cycling website


Held under the rules of British Cycling

2024 Tuesday Evening Races

19:00             Race 1 - Youth (under-14s, u-16s) From 14th May                   25 mins

19:01             Race 2 - Youth (under-12s, u-10s, u-8s) From 14th May          15 mins

19:00             Race 3 - Go Race - For 16+ Non BC Members                             30 mins

19:30             Race 4 - E/1/2/3                                                                         60 mins

19:31             Race 5 – Men 4th cat & vet 50+, Women                                    50 mins


Instructions & Information

1               Please arrive READY TO RACE (No changing rooms).

2               Please check in at the Lotus Main Gate no earlier than 18:15.

3               No Dogs allowed on site. Cameras prohibited. Wearing of Face Masks is advise.

4               Entry to Lotus is ONLY via a completed Lotus Indemnity Form from EACH PERSON before entering the site, (riders, officials, spectators and helpers). To be collected at the Main Gate so have them ready to avoid delay.  This is only needed on your first visit to Lotus for 2021.

5               Follow the arrows to the parking area. Note Speed Limit of 15mph must not be exceeded.

6               You will be directed to the Car Parking Area.

              Youths Gear Check must be completed BEFORE collecting number and transponder.

8                Show your Race License & collect your Race Number & Transponder. Return to your area and get ready to race. Not req'd for GO Race

9                NO WARMING UP in Pit Lane or on rollers/turbo trainers.

10             Line up on the circuit by the Pit Lane 5 minutes before you race is due to start.

11             On finishing your Race Number & Transponder will be removed as you re-enter the Pit Lane.

12             Portable toilets for your comfort

13             Please do not ‘hang about’ for too long after your race.



Our appreciation to the following that made this event possible


            Group Lotus PLC                                     Test Track

            VTS Event Medical Services                   1st Aid

            Local Club Volunteers                             Doing all the mundane tasks

            BC Officials                                              Geoff Boutell, Andy Blower & Adrian Baker

                                                                            Ian Doe, BC REO   





A completed Lotus Cycle Event Track Indemnity Form must be handed in by every competitor, spectator & official on your 1st visit. Thereafter you will be checked against a list.

Please take time to familiarise yourself with the Special Requirements For Two Races Run Simultaneously.

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