Hiring the MyLaps transponder system

Norfolk Cycle Race Judging


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To raise the standard of cycle race judging on a not for profit basis.

2018 Hire Fees & Related Info

Using the MyLaps ProChip FLEX Transponder System


Why an Electronic System?

The problems of judging on the  40’ wide track at Lotus in often dull and wet conditions too dark to use a camera led me to empty the Lotus League coffers + a big chunk from Suffolk Cycle Race Series to purchase an electronic judging system for 2016. MyLaps was chosen as it was used for the 2012 and 2016 Olympics and is the BC recommended system.


2016/2017 Use

Over the last 2 years it has been used at about 60 events and probably about 150 races. The beauty of it is that it will give you an instant result for every rider within seconds of the finish. It can even judge several races on the same circuit at the same time or in the same race such as Youth A&B, Boys & Girls. It also records the order over the line every lap which is ideal for crits as it keeps track of laps. With quite a bit of experience now behind us I can confidently state that all things being equal an accurate result every time is achieved.

This year a system has been worked up that if followed makes life easier for the organiser and the system operator that enables the results to be with the riders almost as soon as there is an internet connection available. The same results can be forwarded direct to the press and BC.


What can go wrong?

As with anything electrical and produced by us humans it is inevitable that something at some point will go wrong. At only one event the power pack to the decoder unit failed and the organiser had to rely on his camera backup. I now have spare power packs for the decoder unit and PC! 1 transponder failed to record 1 lap once from a total of circa 50,000 lap recordings but positioning the rider was still possible. For 2018 I am looking to purchase a camera system as a backup.

Dealing with errors by us humans is another story. You would not believe the things we manage to do! Swapping transponders, not fitting to forks or putting it in the back pocket to name but a few.

However riders and organisers are now getting to understand what the system demands and by following a set procedure BEFORE the race starts most human glitches have been virtually eliminated.


What do I have to do as an organiser?

Prior to Race Day

·       Book your date. I will confirm if date is available. If it cannot be covered but date is free how about getting someone from your club trained up? IT whizz kids can work it out for themselves so it must be quite easy!

·       Set up the BC website so that those who own a transponder can enter their number or the word HIRE if not. James Lyon at HQ or Ian Doe can help you with this.

·       Ensure that width of road at the finish point is not more than 12 m wide and there is room to park a car. Finish line can be at any point where the riders are unlikely to be traveling at more than 75kph.

·       Email the downloaded BC Raw Data of the accepted riders in program order to the operator 5 days prior. From this data files will be generated for the MyLaps system and a Signing On sheet with allocated transponder numbers added. Accurate data in = accurate results out!

·       Sign On sheet will be emailed to you and all the riders asking them to ensure they use the allocated transponder within 48 hours. Accurate data in = accurate results out!

Race Day

·       Operator will arrive when ‘Sign On’ opens. ‘Sign On’ Staff will be responsible for handing out hired transponders. For Road Races only the operator will sit beside them making any late changes such as entry on the day. For Crits the time between races does not usually allow for late changes. Changes can be made whilst race is in progress but working out the back of a car especially in wet and windy conditions raises the chance of mistakes being made. Accurate data in = accurate results out!

·       Operator needs to be at the finish 30 minutes before the start to set up

·       After race finish operator will pack up and return to HQ with result or the pc can be handed to a race official to read direct off it.

·       Sign On staff to be responsible for return of all hired transponders.

·       Results can be emailed to organiser, officials, BC, Press and riders as soon as soon as an internet connection is available. Usually when the operator is back home.


What is the Cost?

·       70p per rider to hire the MyLaps System. Assumption is Organiser pays this

·       £5 per transponder hired. Assumption is riders pay this when they sign on.

·       50% reduction for Youth races.

·       Costs include operator travel expenses.


More Info?

Contact Ken on cyclingken@gmail.com or ring 01953 681755

Typical Result & ‘Sign On’ sheet attached.