Lotus League 2018

2021 Proposed dates – Subject to agreement by Lotus

Saturday, Bank Holiday Weekend – 29th May
Request use from 10am to 4pm. Include Eastern Region Youth A&B.
Proposed races –       
E123                @ 10-30 - 60 Min        Max 30 Riders
34& All W        @ 12-00 - 45 Min        Max 30 Riders
Youth AB         @ 13-30 – Various?    Max 60 Riders? - TBD

Tuesday evenings. Agree 7 from list below with Lotus.
    1st June
    8th June
    15th June
    22nd June
    29th June
    6th July
    13th July
    20th July
    27th July

Government Covid Restrictions will apply. Full details when known.
Entry will be via BC Online ONLY

2020 Season Postponed

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, Lotus League as we know it will not happen this year.  We feel we should give you all some idea of what could happen when this lockdown ends.  Those of you who are fit and well are probably champing at the bit to ride a bike in company and race. If it's any consolation the whole organising team will be just as disappointed that Lotus is not happening,

We have been wondering if any racing at Lotus is possible this year. We could probably just about run to the end of July after which it would be too dark with the usual programme but that would depend on when the lockdown ends and how quickly we could gather the necessary support. The difficulty could be in obtaining first aid at short notice; other than that it could be achieved in 2 weeks at a push.

If evening racing is not possible we could try for a day over a weekend but would not want to clash with any RR’s that day. This would depend on Lotus use of the Test Track as initially we were told that all weekends are booked for 2020 but you never know. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

We think that British Cycling intends road racing to continue right to the end of October and maybe a bit longer, so there should be space for some events at least.

Neil Jarvis of Cycle Shack in Diss will, all being well be organising an Eastern Cross League event on behalf of Lotus League at a new venue in Norfolk at a date to be determined but probably late Sept, early Oct.

Let’s hope we all meet again at Lotus League events before too long. Keep safe and keep well.

2018 Accounts and 2019 Programme

We've got some winter reading for you, in the form of 2019 plans and 2018 number-crunching! It's worth having a look through them all, especially if you compete in the Lotus League and other events that use the Mylaps timing system.  Email Ken (cyclingken8@gmail.com) with your feedback.
Lotus League 2018 financial reports
NCRJ 2018 financial reports
2019 racing schedule
Proposals for the Lotus League in 2019

2018 Lotus League Prize Fund

Ken has finished working out the cash balance for the 2018 season of racing at Lotus, and has produced a lavish prize fund for a great many of the riders.  If you're on the list then Ken will be in touch shortly.

View the 2018 Lotus League Prize Fund

2018 Lotus League Race Dates

Seven dates for the 2018 edition of Lotus League have been confirmed. These are:

Racing will start at 7pm. We should be able to hold the race fees the same as last year. Entry will be handled here, and payment will be taken on the night.

Des Matthews – Lotus employee and the "man on the gate" for the past few years - will be the organiser.

Please consider helping out at one or more events; see the Lotus League Helpers page for more info!

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2017 LCCRL Report

The Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 2017 Minutes are now available to download. Many thanks to everyone who was able to attend the AGM on November 7.

You can download the report (PDF format) here.

Following on from this, we have an update (provisional) on dates:

2016 LCCRL Report

The Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 2016 Report is now available to download. MyLaps was judged to be a huge success, and online pre-entry worked well too. Both systems will continue to be used again next year, and only riders who have pre-entered will be allowed to race on the night.

You can download the report (PDF format) here.

The Lotus Cars Cycle Race League (LCCRL) 2016 Report and AGM Agenda are also available to download: