Lotus League - British Cycling Risk Assessment 2017

Special requirements for two races run simultaneously on the full 2.2 mile circuit.

BC RA has approved the 2 races provided the following conditions are met.

Maximum of 140 are racing on the full circuit with a maximum of 100 in any one race subject to the races being kept apart and not allowed to merge.

In practice we will meet these conditions by evening out the fields where necessary to a maximum of 70 and by use of the cut offs available for the North & South Circuits. As we have done in previous years in fact.

The E/1/2/3/4 race will start followed by the 4th Cat male & Ladies race 1 to 1.5 minutes later.

If either race is in danger of being caught one of the races will be directed into the North or South Circuit cut off to open up the time gap again. This may happen more than once during the race.

In practice we will attempt to only redirect the E/1/2/3/4 race and only use the North Circuit cut off.

This rule will only apply to a Break and/or Bunch. For obvious reasons any riders who have been tailed off and passed by the following car can continue racing but must obey the marshal’s instructions to use the cut off as they may be about to be passed by the front of the race of one or other of the races.

Riders will be warned by whistle 1 full lap before they have to use the cut off and again by whistle as they approach the cut off. The following commissaires PA system will also be used to warn riders.

Use of the cut offs may add or subtract the number of laps completed by tailed off or lapped riders against those completed by the front of the race by the Electronic Judging system and may cause discrepancies in the results for these riders. The following commissaires will record who has been tailed off and in what order. If there is any confusion with these riders then their finishing position will be in the order in which they were tailed off.