The chip timing system

For 2018, we are continuing to use the MyLaps ProChip FLEX Timing / Judging System.

We know the MyLaps system works and works well, some of you may already have experience of it at the Velo Park, the Ipswich National Trophy Cyclo Cross or maybe in one or two other events last year. Exactly the same equipment is installed in the London Velodrome although admittedly there is a bit more of it. If it is good enough for the Olympics then it is good enough for us. Already several other organisers are going to use it, the Fakenham Crits being the first.

Why is Lotus going to use it?

To ensure every rider in every race is given a finishing position even if you are a lap or more down. I know the experienced guys amongst you say ‘what is the point of knowing your position if you are outside the BC Points’ but that is not the view of most Youth and the more novice riders. Why can’t we continue as we have always done? It is almost impossible to get 10 numbers at Lotus. Don’t believe me? Just try writing down the 1st 10 numbers in order when you next watch a bunch finish!

Getting a transponder

Apart from the MyLaps Recorder Unit, laptop and various other bits and pieces there was just sufficient cash to purchase 100 transponders to hire out each evening and a very small stock for sale to those who want to have their own. Now we have had 183 riders at Lotus one evening so you can guess what will happen if every rider decided to hire! Transponders use lasts 1 year from date of activation. So to have a stock for hire next year we have to charge a hire fee of £5 each evening. If you ride all 7 lotus Leagues you will be in profit by purchasing one.

Transponders can be purchased via Ken ( for £33, hs sports or MyLaps.

If you wish to purchase please allow 4 weeks before your first race that will use MyLaps.


Intent to compete

MyLaps does require a bit more work prior to the start of the race and it is for this reason that there will be no actual entry on the day where you fill in the signing on sheet. As a sort of halfway house you must register your ‘intent to compete’ by the Friday prior to the Wednesday but you only part with your cash on the night. This will make signing on quicker and allows us to have a list of riders matched to transponder numbers. Clearly, the more people who own their own transponders, the faster the signing-on process will be on the night.

Attaching the transponder

Fix the transponder securely with 1 or 2 plastic tie wraps low down on the front forks as vertically as possible. Stick a piece of foam backed tape onto the back of your transponder and pass the tie wrap round the back of the forks through the 2 eyes on the side of the transponder and pull tight, snip off the excess. Ensure that the tie wrap connection is on the inside of the fork blade. Ensure that the quick release spindle or lever does not block the signal reaching the ground level reception wires. It is your responsibility to ensure secure and correct fitting. Tie wraps 2.5 x 140 should be of sufficient length.


Option 1: Buy a transponder

Just send a £33 cheque to LCCRL, Walnut Tree Cottage, Garboldisham, IP22 2SD ASAP and also email Ken. We have a small stock for sale but cannot afford to order more until they are sold or your cheques are rolling in. Please allow 4 weeks from date of order but I hope it will be a lot sooner. It will be sent by registered post.
Alternatively you can buy one from hs sports or MyLaps.

You must register your transponder before using; follow the instructions supplied with the pack. You need Windows to do so, no other system works. Your 1 years use (or more) starts from the date the transponder is registered. Therefore we suggest that you do not register it until 5 days prior to your 1st race that will use the system. During registration, please ignore the wording that says it has already expired; once you complete the form, it will correct to the corresponding date +1 day in 2017.

You must register your intent to race, and this is open up until a few days before race night.

On race night, queue at the correct signing-on table and pay the race entry fee. That's it!

Option 2: Hire a transponder

You must register your intent to race, and this is open up until a few days before race night.

On race night, queue at the correct signing-on table, and pay the race entry fee plus the £5 transponder hire fee (plus a £20 deposit, refundable on transponder return). You then need to attach the transponder using cable ties.

Whilst this may in theory sound simpler than buying a transponder, you should expect a long wait to sign on as the process is a lot more involved for the organisers!