Lotus League 2017

2017 Series Information

Online entries for the SCRS open 7th June 2017

The 2017 series will comprise of 5 weekly rounds starting 21st June 2017.

Full details are available on the SCRS Calendar and SCRS Race Details pages and British Cycling Online.

Please note that entries for this year will be solely online, in advance, and will open 7th June 2017.

As ever the series relies on voluntary support to stage the weekly races.

Please help support the series. Even if you can only do one week, we would be grateful if you could help in the following areas: Marshaling, First Aid, Course Preparation and other duties.

We are particularly keen to hear from First Aiders who could join the team to work with the lead medics on the Wednesday evenings of the series.

If you are able support the series, please contact us by clicking: I CAN HELP THE SERIES

All and any support provided will help deliver another successful year.

2017 Lotus League - League Tables and Under-12s Prizes

We've got the league tables worked out, up to and including the final round. The league tables also include prize money awards, and this will be paid out in the next few weeks. The total prize fund this year is £1813 but includes a helpers expenses of £65 which has been added to the the Women’s prizes as requested.

We have split up the monies available for each group as a proportion of the total number of riders who appear in the table. Therefore the E123 had 50% of the total riders and get 50% of the prize fund.

The prize fund is down a bit from last year, most likely due to the one night when we had only 35 competitors. Another night had only 66 with an average of 78 over the 7 weeks. It needs an average of 65 riders each week to pay all the expenses and ensure there is sufficient in the kitty to pay next years upfront costs + a reserve in case we have a ‘bad’ year.

Congratulationss to all prize winners, we hope you enjoyed Lotus League again this year.

Now don’t forget to enter the RAF Honnington Crits which run for four Wednesday evenings between 2nd Aug and 23rd August. It's a super 3.2 mile circuit with a bit of everything except hills.

League Tables - Lotus League 2017

Thanks to Neil Jarvis of Cycle Shack in Diss for giving away cycling prizes to the youth C/D/E (under-12) riders!

Seven dates for the 2017 edition of Lotus League have been confirmed. These are:

Note that this does mean we're switching to Tuesday evenings! Racing will start at 7pm. We should be able to hold the race fees the same as last year, and the race programme (and pre-entry system) will also remain unchanged.

Des Matthews – Lotus employee and the "man on the gate" for the past few years - will be the organiser.

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2017 road race calendar

Here are all of the road races in Norfolk (and nearby) for 2017:

2016 Lotus League Prize Fund

Ken has finally put down his calculator and released the prize allocations for last year's Lotus League!
The prize fund has been proportioned out against numbers who rode each event, and then paid out on a per point basis to the nearest £. Cheques will be posted out over the next week or so.

2016 LCCRL Report

The Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 2016 Report is now available to download. MyLaps was judged to be a huge success, and online pre-entry worked well too. Both systems will continue to be used again next year, and only riders who have pre-entered will be allowed to race on the night.

You can download the report (PDF format) here.

The Lotus Cars Cycle Race League (LCCRL) 2016 Report and AGM Agenda are also available to download: