Lotus League 2017

Seven dates for the 2017 edition of Lotus League have been confirmed. These are:

Note that this does mean we're switching to Tuesday evenings! Racing will start at 7pm. We should be able to hold the race fees the same as last year, and the race programme (and pre-entry system) will also remain unchanged.

Des Matthews – Lotus employee and the "man on the gate" for the past few years - will be the organiser.

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2017 road race calendar

Here are all of the road races in Norfolk (and nearby) for 2017:

2016 Lotus League Prize Fund

Ken has finally put down his calculator and released the prize allocations for last year's Lotus League!
The prize fund has been proportioned out against numbers who rode each event, and then paid out on a per point basis to the nearest £. Cheques will be posted out over the next week or so.

2016 LCCRL Report

The Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 2016 Report is now available to download. MyLaps was judged to be a huge success, and online pre-entry worked well too. Both systems will continue to be used again next year, and only riders who have pre-entered will be allowed to race on the night.

You can download the report (PDF format) here.

The Lotus Cars Cycle Race League (LCCRL) 2016 Report and AGM Agenda are also available to download: