Hiring the MyLaps transponder system

Norfolk Cycle Race Judging

(Set up by Lotus Cars Cycle Race League on a Ônot for profitÕ basis)


Mylaps ProChip FLEX Transponder System

As used in the Olympic Velodrome and for major road events


Available for hire for all Circuit & Road Races

Contact cyclingken8@gmail.com for details.


It provides a race judging system that will position every rider instantly


Every rider on every lap will be positioned and timed to 0.001 seconds (just 10mm at 40kph)

Automatic tracking of lapped riders, as part of system.

Multiple races can be tracked & judged on the same circuit simultaneously


Instant Race Result within seconds of the finish complete with all details so that result can be emailed to BC instantly without any further work.


Just think, judges not needed & cameras obsolete.

No more post-race arguments over results.

Riders will get a "result" each race, not just "bunch" or = 16th!


The downside?

All organisers have to do is sent entry list to NCRJ about 7 days prior. All the rest is done for you.


2017 Hire Fees

MyLaps System

Hire Fee:-  £1 per rider per race or 50p per youth.

If the hiring club/organisation is willing to train an operator then this fee will be reduced by 30%.

30p per mile travel expenses if the operator is not from the organising club.


MyLaps Transponders

£5 per transponder per rider per race. Suggest that this sum is additional to the race entry fee.

No charge for those riders who have purchased their own


£36 will be charged to the club for any transponders not returned. The Cost to NCRJ is £36.00.

Surprisingly perhaps all hired transponders were returned without any problem this year bar 1.


Transponder Purchase

£33.00 including post while stocks last from cyclingken8@gmail.com

£36.00 from http://www.hssports.co.uk/products/mylaps-prochip-flex-transponder.html


The email for the dedicated pc to the MyLaps system is


Only use to send csv files of entry lists.

 For all other reasons contact cyclingken8@gmail.com